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The word Duende means the passion and inspiration you get from art. It is that feeling that can’t quite be described and is closely tied to emotion. At Duende Design, I aim to inspire you by capturing the essence of your business within my work.

One of my primary goals is to tell your story through design choices. As I work through the design process I work to identify your audience and goals and design with all of this in mind. There is great value in design – it is not about what the spend is. It is vital to have a cohesive brand image that becomes recognisable in your community and beyond. I describe my style as creative with a dash of marketing – I want to support you in growing your business and design with this in mind.

As a freelance graphic designer I offer a wide range of design solutions as well as the opportunity to engage in long-term, ongoing relationships to bring consistency to your media. To start a conversation about an ongoing freelance relationship please contact me here.

Our vision is to help entrepreneurs build a brand that will grow their business

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Karen Martz

Karen Martz

Graphic Designer | Web Designer

Diploma of Graphic Design | Diploma of Business | Cert IV in Design

Design is my passion and taking the plunge into running my own boutique design studio is one of the best decisions I have made. I enjoy working with other business owners and crafting designs that work for them. A huge part of my process is take the time to find out the why for all of my clients and I love bringing their vision for their business to life. Every business owner has a story and a vision for their business, it is vital that this shines through in how your market your business.

With qualifications in both design and business, I bring a twist to my process. Together we will delve into your vision, mission and values as well as identifying your target audience. This enables me to  to thoroughly work through how your brand identity will be perceived and the best ways to use design for a cohesive and consistent marketing strategy as well as print and online presence.