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Have you ever looked at your brand identity and thought “I need to make this everything that I want it to be?” You’ve got this awesome business growing and bursting with ideas and there are only so many hours in the day.

I hear you, often when we strike out on our own we are numero uno, the everything girl or guy. You’ve probably reached a point in your business life where its time to invest in outside help. What that really means is that you’ve realised you need to focus your time and energy on the parts the business that you are most passionate about and bring in some other skilled people, and that;’s where I come in.

It can be really hard to let go, and I get that. When you build something from scratch you are totally invested in every aspect of it. I get to know you and your vision for your business, now, and in the future so that you can be confident that you can put your trust in me to help you in reaching your goals.

A bit more about me

I have a lifelong love for the creative arts and a passion for helping others to grow their business. Graphic design and web design allows me to bring these two awesome things together in to a unique skillset – I get my artsy side out here but also my business brain – I’m totally left braining and right braining all at the same time!

With a solid design and business education background I bring a a unique offering to the market that ultimately helps you build the life that you want. I’ve totally been there the soul destroying jobs – I wasn’t always a designer, the grind of 9-5, the drudgery of routine, the juggle of family and work. Honestly, striking out on my own was the best thing I ever did. I have the flexibility to enjoy the little things while working on my big, grand picture for me and my family.

When you work with me you’re not going to get someone who sends you dry emails, you’re going to get a supporter of your business who is your own personal cheer squad, giving you the courage to put yourself and your business out there.

KAREN MARTZ // Diploma of Graphic Design | Diploma of Business | Cert IV in Design

You have to take the first step to move forward

Are you in the place where you’ve got the idea, the vision, you’ve started but feeling a little stuck and in need of some outside help? Thats where I come in, lets bring your dream into reality by pairing you up with the perfect design package

How do you know that we are the perfect fit?

Finding the right designer is key to a successful creative project. We are a great fit when you have taken these steps in founding your business:

• Are passionate and invested in the success of your business
• Have a sound vision and a solid strategic business plan for growth and long term success
• Are willing to hand over creative control and build an ongoing relationship
• Are committed and a great communicator. Once I start a project I will set a project timeline to ensure that you can launch your new business or rebrand on time. Timely responses are critical to achieving project outcomes.
• Love my style. My style should be key in your decision making. It is feminine with a dash of bold and dynamic. My concepts are well researched and original.  I am 100% authentic in supporting the ethics of my craft.
• Are totally over DIY-ing your brand elements. I create the perfect fit for your business from logo to websites and all the bits in between. Cohesive, seamless and oh so satisfying!

I want our project to be smooth sailing and produce outstanding results however there are some instances where the fit may not be perfect and they are

• You’re not ready to let go – trust in the process is essential
• Your vision for your future is still unclear. If you’re not quite sure where you and your business are going and you may be trying to recreate another businesses brand we will not be the right fit.

The choice is yours, ready to bring your vision to reality? Contact me here

Client Testimonials

“Karen at Duende Design has been instrumental in creating the perfect brand identity for my business. She has created a vast suite of materials for me that goes far beyond a logo and I can confidently present my business to new clients knowing that they are a seamless and consistent representation of my business. In addition to that she also helped ensure that my materials are presented on quality paper stock and liased with a print house to achieve the best result that was true reflection of my brand. Being able to grow an ongoing relationship with someone whose knowledge transitions across design and business has been an asset to my business. Duende Design has nailed every design aspect of my business and been a pleasure to work with.”

Robert Anthony – Ariston Group

Client Testimonials

Karen at Duende Design was so supportive while helping me set up my business. She listened to my ideas and offered her professional suggestions too. Together we chose my brand colour scheme, created my logo, website, business cards and flyers. Karen has been a wonderful support person throughout this process and I’m so grateful for her advice and expertise. I would highly recommend Duende Design as the whole process was easy and efficient, and the results are exactly what I was hoping for.

Alyssa Clinnick, Kidz Beatz

Client Testimonials

“I’d like to thank Karen for her professionalism and expertise with creating the most perfect logo for my new PT business. Your knowledge and patience levels is second to none. Once again – thank you!”

Michelle Newman – Newfit

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